Swaraaga By Heart

The name Swaraaga By Heart came into existence in the year 2012. When young-mind Aaryan Tripathi thought of pursuing his passion in music. With confidence and no extra resources, Aaryan Tripathi started to perform solo gigs and small events in the city.

Unexpectedly during a performance in Aaryan met Damon, a passionate artist with the same taste in music and dreams. Their small conversation regarding music led to a journey of duet shows in different cities. But that was not what they dreamt of. Their dream now was to create a rock band and perform kickass music on a bigger platform.

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During a show in the same city. The two of them met a host, Rajeev, who was also working as a fashion blogger and freelance anchor. Fortunately, they needed an event manager who could manage their brand as well as their client. So, Rajeev was the perfect person for the same. Then Rajeev joined the team and now it was a team of three. They approach a form of their friends who already were into music to collaborate with them.

Utkarsh (keyboardist) and Maddy (Guitarist) also used to do freelancing in different shows. The idea was appreciated by them and now it was a team of 4 members. Also, Karan (Drummer) a passionate drummer from Lucknow joined the team Swaraaga By Heart.

So, now it was a complete rock band that is now performing different live shows.